Thin Crispy Khakhras

Hapup Flax Seeds khakhras

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Healthy millet snacks for you and yours, spiced just right for flavour packed bites. These special khakharas have been hand made using Hapup Super Nutri Mix (containing 15 super ingredients like millets, pulses, nuts and spices) along with flaxseed and whole wheat flour. Flax seed contains Omega-3 (good fats) and has anti-oxidant properties. In addition to the health benefits of superfood flaxseed, these Hapup Khakharas are a power house of rich nutrients and fibre, essential for healthy lifestyle. Our Khakharas are hand made in Gujarat using all natural ingredients. These khakharas (thin crackers) are vegan & protein rich. There are no preservatives, added sugars & artificial flavors.