Benefits of ingredients used in Hapup: Part 1

All things healthy, good and nutritious in one delicious package in Hapup. Our philosophy is ‘’Beauty in diversity’’. Because in the case of nourishment, diversity is always better. A mix of macro and micro nutrients increase the nutritive value of a meal, thus giving the body a much needed boost.

All our mixes are a delightful symphony of multiple natural ingredients of varied typein various categories, like pulses,grains, dry fruits, all blended to give your body the goodness it needs. Each ingredient that’s added and each mix that is made is done so after a lot of thought and research. And we figured, you should know about it too.

Here are some of the ingredients in Hapup and why it’s amazing for you:

1. RAGI: Ragi has been consumed by our ancestors since ages. Especially in Southern India, Ragi formed a vital part of the diet. Of late, the government has also been promoting millets under the terminology ‘’NutriCereals’’ and 2018-2019 was termed as ‘’Year of Millets’’. This comes as no surprise since Ragi is rich in iron, protein, healthy fats and is gluten free. It is one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium with every 100gms of Ragi having 344 mgs of Calcium. Apart from preventing anemia, strengthening bones and promoting easy digestion, it also regulates diabetes and has anti-oxidant properties that can prevent cancer.

Sprouted Ragi


2. BARLEY: Barley is popularly also known as ‘’King of Cereals’’. But to be honest, it’s also the king of all things health related. . This multi-talented grain is rich in fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. It helps our bodies in multiple ways, like reducing the risk of cholesterol, gallstones and heart disease. Also, it boosts your overall immunity and health plus is good for skin and hair!

Barley Hapup

3. KIDNEY BEANS: Kidney Beans a.k.a Rajma is a beloved dish in Northern India. So quite obviously, we added it to our mix too. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, protein, vitamin B3 and fiber. By consuming kidney beans on a regular basis, you’ll be helping your body to fight cholesterol, hypertension and constipation, improve your memory and energy levels. Pssttt.. It also has anti-ageing properties!

Kidney beans Hapup

4.ALMONDS: Dry fruits are a superhouse of all things amazing and almonds are no different. It is rich in vitamin E, protein, biotin, copper, good fat and antioxidants. According to research, they help prevent breast cancer as well as heart disease, along with other issues like cholesterol, weight gain, low energy. Plus the Vitamin E content just boosts overall skin and hair quality.

Hapup Almonds

5.GREEN GRAM: Green grams are native to Asia, Europe and the USA and are widely used in food as well as for skin care regimes. They also happen to be one of the healthiest forms of plant protein. Rich in Vitamins B9 and B1, protein, fibre, calcium and iron, they have major health benefits. Apart from providing beauty benefits like good skin and shiny hair they also control cholesterol, strengthens bones, regulate blood pressure and is also good for pregnant women.

Hapup Green Gram

Our mixes have a lot more ingredients (around 15), but these are few that we wanted to share with you all in this blog post. Stay tuned to our upcoming posts to find out the benefits of the other ingredients.

P.S- If you’re looking for good food that you can prepare in a jiffy or you want to add more nutrients to your regular food, you can always depend on us.

Check out our Sprouted Ragi Mix here that comes with all the amazing benefits we spoke about. It’s supremely healthy and easy to use in various recipes.

Don’t worry, Hapup’s got your back!

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