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Hapup Amaranth Laddu | 250g & 500g | Dates & Jaggery Sweetened | pack of 12 & 24

Hapup Amaranth Laddu | 250g & 500g | Dates & Jaggery Sweetened | pack of 12 & 24

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Amaranth Laddu is a delicious and nutritious sweet dish made with popped amaranth seeds, Brown jaggery, dates, ghee and nuts.  Amaranth Seeds are rich in protein, fiber, calcium and iron. Brown Jaggery is natural sweetener that also provides energy and minerals.  Jaggery is a natural digestive aid and body cleanser that has been used in India for centuries as a natural after-meal snack or dessert. Amaranth is full of antioxidants, protein, calcium and is gluten free - so is this laddu! Suitable for those on a fast and for everybody looking for a healthy, sweet treat.


Laddu (energy balls) is the undisputed sweet of India. Rich in protein and is widely used as a superfood since time immemorial in India.; No other artificial or natural binders used other than the ingredients mentioned below. Chaulai Laddu, a natural mixture of jaggery, is a terrific natural energy enhancer for a healthy lifestyle. These laddus are made of the super-grain Amaranth and Jaggery to ensure good health and flavour in each bite. 



  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Artificial Flavour
  • Healthy Ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Rich in Minerals, Vitamins, and Fiber


Hapup is a brand built with and focused solely on nutrition. We believe every child deserves a healthy and balanced diet served with the love and affection of the family. This foundation leads to healthy eating habits later in life.



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1. Best For Festive seasons
2. Our Ladoo's are prepared in batches, always fresh.
3. They are authentic, Delicious & have Home-Like Taste.
4. No Chemicals Added.
5. Gluten-Free Laddu
5. No Preservatives Added. No Flavours Added
6. No Sugar Added.
7. Great For Pre-Post Workout.
8. Guilt-Free between the Meals Snack.
9. Super Food for Growing Kids , Moms and Everyone Alike.


Popped Amaranth Grains, brown Jaggery, Dates, Ghee, Cashew Powder, Date Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sesame seeds and Peanuts.

Why choose Hapup?

  • Sprouted Grains

    Sprouting unlocks nutritional values in the grains.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Hapup is made using only regional ingredients and naturally processed.

  • No Added Preservatives

    There are no artificial flavours in our nutri mixes.

  • No Added Sugar

    Our nutri mixes do not contain any sugar or salt.

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Make Grandma's traditional porridge in 15 Minutes. Our product comes with a free recipe booklet inside for you to experiment with multiple dish varieties which are easy to cook and healthy to eat.

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Customer Reviews

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Vasudeva Prabhu
The newly introduced Amaranth Laddu

It was extremely gratifying to have the two well packed Amaranth Laddus . It tasted super & of course healthy eat ! Thanks team Hapup 😋

Thank You Vasudeva for such a sweet feedback! Hope this festive season, Hapup laddus bring more joy to you!
Team Hapup

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