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  • Awesome ways to help your little ones love food

    Meal-times are sometimes super stressful even for the most patient parent! We totally get it. So, sharing a few tips and tricks that have worked for us and we hope they help you and your child build a positive relationship with their food. We hope with these ideas, you are able to enjoy happy meal times together!
  • Benefits of ingredients used in Hapup- Part 2

    With the aim to combat the challenge of creating nutritional meals for children, Hapup was incepted. 

    Whether your child is a picky-eater, a snacker or a try-anything type, Hapup is a beautiful amalgamation of healthy, nutritious and balanced ingredients in a delicious package. 

  • Benefits of ingredients used in Hapup: Part 1

    All things healthy, good and nutritious in one delicious package in Hapup. Our philosophy is ‘’Beauty in diversity’’. Because in the case of nourishment, diversity is always better. A mix of macro and micro nutrients increase the nutritive value of a meal, thus giving the body a much needed boost. Learn more about what goes into your Hapup and how it affects you by reading the whole blog.
  • Hapup #MakeItYourOwn

    Make Hapup your own. Hapup is a versatile nutri mix that can be made in different ways to suit your family's taste buds and preferences. Drink it, cook it or bake it, your Hapup can be made as you want. Try your favourite recipe with Hapup and share your experience with us!
  • TRAVELLING WITH KIDS- Tips to manage the hunger monster!

    Travelling is absolutely fun, isn’t it? Looking forward to a new destination, the excitement of packing, dreams of beautiful places and good food, ...
  • Feeding Tips for our fussy eaters!

    Some simple yet effective tips from our end to create healthy feeding habits for your kids. The trick is to nourish them with natural, good food that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibres and proteins. That way, they stay healthy, physically, cognitively and emotionally. #HapupFamily