Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions by our Hapup Family:
  1.     What are the main differences between the 3 Nutri Mixes?

Ragi Mix Sprouted:

  • It has 3 ingredients
  • It has a single grain/millet which is sprouted. This makes it easy to digest and unlocks the nutritive value of ragi.
  • Ragi has 2.87 times (almost 3 times) the calcium in cow milk.

Recommendation- month 6+,  if the child has not had millets before, we recommend using this first as it is single grain and sprouted. 

Millet Mix Sprouted:

  • It has 16 ingredients.
  • It has sprouted ingredients, unlocking the nutritive value of millets and pulses.
  • Easy to digest

Recommendation- month 9-12

Millet Mix:

  • It has natural ingredients.
  • It has 15 ingredients.
  • A healthy mix of millets, pulses and nuts.

Recommendation: month 10+


  1. What are the main ingredients used in Ragi Mix Sprouted, Millet Mix and Millet Mix Sprouted?
  •  Ragi Mix Sprouted: Sprouted Ragi, Almonds, Cardamom
  • Millet Mix Sprouted: Sprouted millets ragi, jowar, bajra and sprouted pulses like green gram, horse gram and nuts
  • Millet Mix: Millets like ragi, jowar, bajra and pulses like green gram, bengal gram and nuts.


  1. My child is now 1 year old, which product would you recommend and why?
  • We recommend using Millet Mix Sprouted as it contains sprouted ingredients which are easy to digest and rich in nutrients.
  • You could also try our Combo Pack which includes all 3 Nutri Mixes, 80 g each and use whichever works best.


  1. My child is now 8 months old, which product would you recommend and why?

We would recommend you to start off with Ragi Mix sprouted. This is because Ragi Mix Sprouted would be easier for your child to digest as it has a single millet which is sprouted. Then try including Millet Mix Sprouted as your child gets older (1 year old). For information on how to introduce new foods, refer to question 9.


  1. My child is not eating the porridge mix, what do I do?

Try the following steps if your child is not eating well:

  • Feed your child the porridge when they are most hungry. 
  • If they don’t eat well, try feeding the porridge again after a day’s gap. Start with only a couple of spoons in the beginning.
  • If they still don’t like it then try adding fruit purees like banana and apple that your child already likes to the mix. 
  • If your child does not enjoy the texture of porridge, you can try adding the mixes to dosa batter, roti or even milkshakes/smoothies. This option is suitable for kids who have started chewing and have teeth.
  • Some babies may need to try a food 8, 10, or even 15 times before they enjoy it, so be patient and continue to revisit a rejected food over time, as long as there are no allergy concerns.


  1. What is the best way to store the Nutri Mix?

We strongly recommend you to store it in a dry and air tight container after opening the packet. Do not use wet spoons to take out the mix.  For longer shelf-life, you can also store it in the fridge.


  1. Can I use Nutri Mix in the given zip lock instead of transferring into an airtight container?

Yes. You can use the same zip-lock pouches for storing the mixes but please do make sure that the zip-lock pouches don’t remain open except for the time when you are taking out the contents. Also, while closing ensure that the zip-locks are tightly sealed.


  1. Can you suggest some recipes I can try out using the Millet Mixes?

Sure, you can check the recipe booklet received along with your order. It has a collection of recipes you can try. You can also reach out to us on Whatsapp (+91-9381532067) for a free e-copy of the recipe booklet.


  1. How do I introduce new foods to my child?

3-day test for allergy: Each time you introduce a new food, wait for 3 days before adding another item to the menu to check for any allergies. Commonly known allergens are peanuts, soy and tree nuts like almonds. Continue using the product if there are no allergies found.