Feeding Tips for our fussy eaters!

Having a child is not all fun and games. Feeding them is one of the toughest challenges any parent can face. But we believe, if you know just the right tricks, creating healthy feeding habits for them can be a child’s play too. Understood the pun? 

Nutrition is very important for the overall development and nourishment of any child. They need to eat good, natural food from a tender age to give them a boost. However, they can get pretty fussy, especially if it’s food they don't like. In such situations, how do you ensure that they’re eating right? Don’t fret. We know you’re already doing a great job but here are some tricks to help you further: 


1. Family meal time: 

A daily meal time ritual has been proven to help kids with their eating habits. When they see their parents and siblings happily eating, they wouldn’t want to be left out. You can also set a great example for them by eating healthy yourself. 

Hapup Family Healthy eating

Also, family meals aid children in their overall development as well. Isn't that what all parents want? Because a healthy child is definitely a happy child! 

2. It’s time for a break up: 

No, we aren’t talking about a typical break up! We’re talking about a food break up here. It can be a herculean task to make your child eat vegetables, fruits, proteins etc etc in one go. They may just push you away. Hence, break it up. Distribute the nutrients and food throughout the day instead of cramming it all together in one meal. 

Healthy food

For example- Include fruit as a school snack, add veggies in the side of a meal everyday, if you want to feed them superfoods like chia seeds, add it to a yummy milkshake, make healthy paneer curries as a side for multi-grain chapati instead of chutney and.. You get the drift. This way, they’ll eat all the healthy stuff without really realising (or complaining). 

Hapup Chia Smoothie Health Drink

3. Get creative 

It’s time to put on your chef hat and get creative in the kitchen. Children love anything new and if you try some new recipes with traditional food, they may just eat it happily. 

For example, try a heart shaped sandwich or a smiley faced millet dosa instead of the regular options. 

Healthy Fun Tasty Sandwich

4. Junior Masterchef  

Studies have shown that involving kids in their own food helps them to identify and accept the food they eat. Talk to them about why healthy food is amazing, take them to the supermarket with you and ask them to pick ingredients. You can also give them small (and obviously safe) tasks to them while cooking too. 

Hapup Family

Who knows your child may fall in love with food and actually become a masterchef! 


5. Follow the rules 

Make some rules around the house for the kids to follow. One of them is not allowing your child to watch TV/youtube/videos while eating. Studies have shown this affects kids negatively. Here’s how: 

  • Causes overeating and obesity 
  • Kids don’t pay attention to the food they eat, which sends wrong signals to the body 
  • Leads to addiction 
  • Limits interaction with family

Hence, TV and food don’t go hand in hand! 

Hapup Baby Hapup Family

So these were some simple yet effective tips from our end to create healthy feeding habits for your kids. The trick is to nourish them with natural, good food that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibres and proteins. That way, they stay healthy, physically, cognitively and emotionally. 

In short ‘’Eat together, do things together and be healthy together’’. You are a super parent, you can totally do this! 

Share these with a parent who’ll find it useful and stay tuned to our blog because we have many more of these coming up!

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