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When you hear of ‘’Multi-talented’’, what comes to your mind? Well, whatever the answer, just add Hapup to that list. Because our multi-grain mixes have quite a few tricks up their sleeve. 

Apart from being wonderfully nutritious, they’re also delicious and can be made with different recipes, in different ways to please your body and soul. Without further ado, here’s presenting different ways you can use and enjoy Hapup: 

Whether you want a quick pick-me-up, a milkshake for your children or something hot for the cold weather, Hapup drinks are the answer. You can add Hapup to smoothies like berry smoothie, chocolate banana smoothie etc or even make a spicy buttermilk (chaas) with the same or enjoy a hot cup of soup on those cold winter evenings.

How to make, you ask? It’s simple. Just prepare the buttermilk or smoothie separately and add our Super Nutri Miix (boiled in water separately) and voila! It’s done. You can adjust the quantity of Hapup as per the desired consistency and taste.

Hapup Make it Your own Smoothie Buttermilk Drink


Here comes the part which you’ll love- Hapup can be added to your everyday food too. Like your chapati, dosa, porridge etc. Because of the presence of 15+ super nutrients, you’ll be adding a lot of value to your daily food. Just like the recipe above, add Hapup nutri-mix to the regular recipes and cook normally. Your dish will be ready. Experiment with your everyday recipes and see for yourself. #MakeItYourOwn 

Hapup Roti pancake millet dosa


Some times, you or your kids plead for yummy (but not always healthy) things like cupcakes, muffins, cookies etc. Well, don’t fear anymore. Because you can add Hapup to these as well and make it healthier. Just use our Sprouted Ragi Mix with coconut/palm sugar to make it gluten-free and sugar-free. You can also make home-made bread with Hapup’s nutri-mixes. This way, you’ll still be indulging but not in an over-the-top way. That’s the balance we need! 

Hapup cookies Muffin Bread

It doesn’t end here. At Hapup, we’re always looking for fun and innovative ways in which our nutri mixes can be made a part of your daily life and palate. In the same spirit, our #HapupFamily contributes with their own regional or special recipes creating a closed knit community of healthy food lovers. So why don’t you try what we’ve shared? Then you too can get experimental and share your own versions with us! 

Happy Eating to you!

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