TRAVELLING WITH KIDS- Tips to manage the hunger monster!

Travelling is absolutely fun, isn’t it? Looking forward to a new destination, the excitement of packing, dreams of beautiful places and good food, your brand new wardrobe. It’s definitely an experience to look forward to. 

Taking your little ones on these trips is equally amazing. They get to learn about different cultures, places of the world, social exposure, new sights which they take in with a sense of amazement. However, not everything is rosy. One of the things parents are most concerned about while travelling is feeding their kids. Disrupted schedules, new food and tiring journeys make it very hard to maintain nutrition for kids. 

But as always, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Here are 5 tips to ensure your kids eat well and travel goes smooth:



We cannot stress this enough. You cannot always depend on the availability of preferred food plus the quality of food in some places, so it’s always best to carry your own, especially for an infant. That way, even if your journey gets prolonged or the kids are suddenly hungry, you have something to fall back on. Just try to ensure your kid drinks plenty of water between meals and has 3 proper meals and 3 snack times each day. 

For example, millet/ soya based snacks or homemade healthy cookies for quick eats or 5 minute easy-to-cook recipes using Hapup for filling food will definitely help. 

Hapup Blog Traveling with kids food prep


Every new place has some unique and delicious food to offer, even in the healthy variety. So let your kids try that. Take them to a local farmer's market or a grocery store and let them pick their favourite foods. This way they will not only eat well and eat local, they’ll also love to try something new and boast about it to their little buddies later. 

For example, Bali has great vegan food for everybody. Or if you’re travelling to Ladakh, the Thukpa is full of veggies! If you're not sure, you always have fruits to fall back on. Fresh fruits are available almost everywhere and they’re a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. Visit the local fruit stores and stock up. 

Hapup Blog traveling with kids healthy Fruits


While maintaining your child’s nutrition is very important, it is also important to let loose a little and have fun. After all, you are on vacation. Having an ice cream or cake once in a while does no harm. 

For example, if you’re in Switzerland, you can’t say no to chocolates, can you?! 

Hapup Blog traveling with kids indulge in an icecream


It’s very easy for your little ones to fall sick during a trip, because their bodies aren’t used to the new surroundings. Do a little research before you go, like which food is good, what is unhygienic etc. Always opt for hot food that’s freshly cooked. Avoid street food, anything that’s been cooked days before or a bizarre ingredient that doesn’t sound good to you. 

Remember- it’s better to feed your kid something good after a little delay rather than feeding your kid something harmful. 

Hapup Blog traveling with kids cooked food


Many hotels and restaurants actually have a well thought out kids menu because they understand that the needs are different. So keep an eye out for the kids menu whenever you are travelling. 

For example- wheat pancakes in fun shapes or a strawberry milkshake in a cute jar will be a hit with your kids! 

Hapup blog traveling with kids delicious smoothies

Most importantly, don’t stress too much. In fact, your child tell you when they’re hungry. That way, they’ll be more open to eating good food or trying something new. Remember that vacations  are all about spending time together as a family, making memories and just having fun! 

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